Preop/Postop Instructions

Preop Instructions

The physician and the surgery scheduler work as a team to help you prepare for surgery. If you made a decision for surgery at the time of your visit with the surgeon, you likely received a copy of preop instructions in your surgery packet. Preop instructions vary according to the type of surgery, type of anesthesia, and your other medical conditions and age. Depending on your surgery, you may need lab work, additional imaging, cardiac clearance, medical clearance, bowel prep, and may be required to fast prior to surgery. Please contact our office 443-574-8500 for preop instructions at least 10 days prior to surgery, if you do not already have a copy.

Postop Instructions

You will be given postop instructions prior to discharge from the surgical facility. For your convenience, we have included general instructions to follow upon discharge for:

These address the most frequently asked questions.

Please call the office 443-574-8500 with any sign of infection or worsening pain.

Call our office to schedule a postop visit.

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